Problems with claiming my NFT

Currently we are experiencing issues with delivering claimed NFTs quickly - we're working on resolving this issue as soon as possible.

Rest assured, if you have received a code for claiming your NFT, you will get your collectible - it may just take slightly longer due to technical difficulties.

In some cases you may experience issues with claiming your NFT - here you can find some potential solutions.

Error code 'rate_limit_error'

  • Error code 'rate_limit_error':
    This means that you have tried to claim your NFT too often within a short amount of time. If this message comes up, please wait for 10-15 minutes and try again.

Error code 'rate_limit_error'

  • Error code 'This claim code is invalid.':
    This means that the code you have entered
    • is invalid: please make sure to enter the code without any spaces before and after the code.
    • has already been used: usually this happens if you claim your NFT multiple times and the code has worked already after the first attempt - in this case, please be patient, the NFT will arrive in your library soon.


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